Welcome our new lab technician!

It is a pleasure to officially welcome Dominik Doktor to the Eisele Group as our spectroscopy lab technician! 

Dominik graduated from the City College of New York with a B.Sc. in Physics, specializing in optics and photonics, in May of 2018. This native New Yorker has been a part of the Eisele group since Fall of 2017, expressing strong interests in microfluidics, photochemistry, and photophysics. Over time, his curiosity for science became more aligned with those of Dr. Christopher Leishman, our post-doctoral molecular spectroscopist.

Since September 1st, Dominik spends his time mastering the Femtosecond Solid-State Laser System (FSSLS) found in the second floor spectroscopy lab. Starting up the FSSLS and routinely maintaining the equipment, aligning optical elements throughout each section of the FSSLS, installing peripheral optical equipment, and learning about nonlinear optics, represent just a fraction of the tasks that have made his passion for optics and chemical physics fluorish here at the Eisele group!

Welcome to the team Dominik!

Eisele Group