August 19-23, 2018: Members of the Eisele Group, Dr. Eisele and Dominik Doktor, attend the 256th ACS National Meeting and Exposition Conference!

The 256th ACS National Meeting and Exposition Conference was located in Boston, MA, which spanned throughout August 19th-23rd. The main theme of this conference was “Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Beyond,” stressing the importance of chemistry on the nanoscale. Dominik Doktor, our technical assistant, had the opportunity to attend his first ACS conference to get familiarized with a specific physical chemistry community.

During this conference, the symposium labeled “Characterization, Detection & Application of Excitons in Chemistry” gained major attention from the Eisele group due to strong relevance. Excitons, which are quasi-particles comprised of an electron and an electron hole, are under the research spotlight, having many researchers investigate the principle phenomena through model systems. Dr. Dorthe M. Eisele was invited to give a special talk titled, “Utilizing Excitons to Study Supramolecular Nanostructures: In situ Hierarchical Self-Assembling Directed by Counterions,” showcasing the group’s unique supramolecular structure and how this model system can be used to study energy transfer. Dominik learned a great deal about the members of the exciton community through networking and the fascinating science behind excitons presented in the brilliant talks throughout the entire symposium series.

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