Latest Group News:

Nov 12, 2018: NSOM Spectrometer Arrives in December!

Near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) is a powerful characterization technique with the ability to simultaneously investigate the structural and optical properties of individual nanomaterials!

The WITec UHTS 300 Spectrometer will be the latest addition to the Eisele Group’s Spectroscopy and Nano-Imaging Laboratory. The new fiber-coupled spectrometer and EMCCD camera upgrades the functionality of our current WITec NSOM, which is funded by our NSF Major Research Instrument grant award. These upgrades are an essential part of our framework for comprehensive studies of nanoscale light-harvesting and energy transport.

We are grateful to the WITec team for their invaluable and continued support over the years, and their passion for science and research!

(Right) Dr. Eisele, our PI, Kara, our Doctoral Researcher , with the WITec team!

Oct 23, 2018: Martin Cohen, chair of The City College 21st Century Foundation, visits our lab!

We had the pleasure to host Mr. Cohen this week at the City College Center for Discovery and Innovation!

Mr. Cohen, an alumnus of City College, and his wife, Michele Cohen, gave CCNY a $10 Million dollar donation toward the Division of Science in 2012 – “The gift, the largest ever for the Division, will establish the Martin and Michele Cohen Dean of Science at CCNY, the first endowed deanship in the College’s 165-year history. It also funds endowed professorships and provides funds for faculty and student support.” Through his generous donation, the Cohen Fund for Science was established, the Eisele Group is thankful for Mr. and Mrs. Cohen’s funding toward pushing scientific developments!

We had the pleasure to once again welcome Mr. Cohen since his last visit to our lab in 2015, when the City College Center for Discovery and Innovation had just opened. Now a few years later, Mr. Cohen had the opportunity to see firsthand where his funding went. Pictured below on the left is one of our amazing Post-Doctoral Researchers, Dr. Nikunj Visaveliya (Left)  and Mr. Cohen (Right) in our Chemistry Laboratory. Pictured on the right, two of our excellent researchers, (From Left to Right), Dominik Doktor, Technical Assistant to our Post-Doctoral Researcher, Dr. Christopher Leishman, and Mr. Cohen, in our Nano-imaging and Spectroscopy Laboratory.

Thank You for your kind generosity, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen, you are truly making an impact on City College and science!






September 30,2018: Pump-Probe Spectroscopy Ready for Alignment and Testing!

Dr. Leishman and his resourceful assistant Dominik have completed assembly of the pump-probe spectroscopy system components! Full alignment, as well as testing and debugging of the control and data acquisition software, can now be done.

Thanks to Mike Maikowski of Coherent Inc., Will Carbery of the Turner Group – NYU, and Dr. Nathan Stevens for their indispensable help along the way!