Eisele Group News

May 30, 2018: The Eisele Research Group welcomes new Postdoctoral Researcher, Joseph Brisendine!

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Brisendine as a Postdoctoral Researcher! In February 2018, he received his doctoral degree (Ph.D) from CCNY’s Physics Department. His thesis work was concerned with the information content, computational capacity, and charge transport properties of natural proteins, and he is fascinated by the connections between biology, computation, and energy transport. Dr. Brisendine will be working on modeling and optimizing the energy and charge transport properties of the group’s bio-inspired material systems.

May 30, 2018: The Eisele Research Group welcomes new Graduate student, Pooja Gaikwad!

We are pleased to welcome Pooja as our new Graduate student! Pooja is now enrolled for her doctoral program at the City University of New York under the mentorship of Dr. Eisele and has been part of The Eisele Research Group since April 2018. She is passionate about understanding the self-assembly processes and will be focusing on the self-assembly of peptides – light-harvesting materials.



May 23, 2018: Undergraduate Researcher, Niki, is the recipient of the 2018 Josh Dorn Undergraduate Research Award!

Niki Brisnovali is the winner of the 2018 Josh Dorn Undergraduate Research Award! The Josh Dorn Undergraduate Research Award is granted to an undergraduate researcher who demonstrates both outstanding leadership potential and excellence in fundamental research which addresses current societal challenges in the areas of health and renewable energy. The award includes a scholarship provided to the undergraduate student pursuing original research, scholarship, and creative work under the guidance of a research-active faculty member. This year, Niki has been selected because of “her impressive success as a researcher who has taken the lead on challenging projects early in her career as well as her outstanding dedication as a mentor towards new undergraduate students.” 

May 2018: Undergraduate Student, Nico, is accepted to prestigious doctoral schools!

Nico Yehya has been accepted to various prestigious doctoral schools! These include: Johns Hopkins University for study in Molecular Biophysics, Rockefeller University for study in Biosciences, University of California: San Diego, Yale University, and the University of Washington, the latter 3 for study in Physics! Nico has decided to pursue his PhD at Johns Hopkins University where he will study Molecular Biophysics!

March 2018: Graduate Student, Kara Ng, receives CUNY Doctoral Student Research Grant!

Kara Ng receives CUNY Doctoral Student Research Grant: The mission of the Doctoral Student Research Grant Program is to foster a research-oriented academic culture among doctoral students and to encourage interdisciplinary discourse at the CUNY Graduate Center by: (a) providing incentives for students to model and meet, early in their careers, the requirements for succeeding in the competition for funds by clearly defining a problem, a project, and a realistic budget; (b) providing an occasion for faculty-student mentoring relationships that are oriented around the concrete problems of proposing, planning for, and executing research; and (c) furthering student professional progress by providing funds for pre-doctoral research publications, presentations, and professional networking.


August 2017: Graduate Students Organized an ACS Symposium

Graduate Students, Kara and Sarah, organized an ACS Symposium on Self-assembly and Non-covalent Interactions: The Fundamental Science of Supramolecular Materials” for the Division of Analytical Chemistry at the 254th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, held in Washington, DC (August 20th-24th 2016). The Conference Proposal was selected for funding in March 2017. 

August 2017: Outreach Pilot Program

Summer Pilot Program for Interactive Science After-School Program (ISAP) in partnership with BeyScholars, Inc., The City Tutors at CCNY, and the ASRC-CUNY, begins.

March 2017: Graduate Students Co-Chair ACS Symposium

Graduate students Sarah Belh and Kara Ng will co-chair a symposium for the Division of Analytical Chemistry at the 254th ACS National Meeting and Exposition, held in Washington, DC (August 20th-24th 2016)! Deadline for abstract submission is March 31, 2016!

The symposium is titled Self-Assembly and Non-Covalent Interactions: The Fundamental Science of Supramolecular Materials.

Interested graduate students, post-docs, and professors are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract directly to the ACS using the following link: https://callforpapers.acs.org/dc2017/ANYL

June 2015

Eisele Group Undergraduates, Arafat Chowdhury and Mohammad Molla, are Awarded the prestigious STEM CDI Fellowships!

June 2015

Eisele Group Undergraduate, Nicolas Yehya, is Awarded the competitive LSAMP Fellowship!

May 2015

CCNY Receives Silicon Mechanics’ Fourth Annual Research Cluster Grant

May 2015

CCNY’s new Science building opens and the Eisele Group can move into their labs!

January 2015

Eisele Group Welcomes New Graduate Student, Sarah Belh!

September 2014

Eisele Group Beginnings: Dr. Dorthe Eisele joins the City College of New York at CUNY!